MUSIC101: How To Properly Send An Email To Industry Professionals

Yes, I have to explain this cause some people really just don’t know or they need to know how to do it properly or be more professional with it…

I am breaking this down in a few different sections so you can understand what to do differently when sending emails to Deejays, Promoters, A&R’s, etc…

Email Provider: If you are still using Yahoo, AOL, basically anything but Gmail then your playin yourself! Gmail is Free and “official”. You can send up to 25mb per email and add any extras like html-ing (you like that word dont you..?). Other then Gmail, you would want to have your own .com account, that of course being the most professional way you can go and you can use gmail as your .com emailing hub. So, yea.. Gmail is the way to go.

Contacts: Ok, so, you got your address and your ready to go, so now we need to add contacts… First off, If your sending one email to one person then you simply fill out the address in the “To:” slot. Fill in your email and send… But now you want to send to a few people at once right? Well by adding multiple addresses in the To: box and sending, it is probably one of the most unprofessional and spam worthy things you can do because all the email addresses show in each persons email when you send, so now hundreds of others have one an others private email accounts and what will usually happen is you will be marked as spam by the individual and/or the hosting account. So, how do we avoid that? What you want to do is add all your email addresses you will be sending to under “BCC:” What that does is hide all the contacts so you don’t show all of there private addresses to one another. If you do not do it this way peoples private email addresses get into the hands of people who will abuse it and you most definitely will be marked as spam and they will never receive another email from you again no matter how many you send. First impressions are everything.

Contacts (Deejays): Ok, so, you wanna send your song to a bunch of Deejays… Well first off, READ ABOVE and learn how to start the process. When sending music, we as DJs absolutely can not stand when you do not hide our emails (Bcc) when sending something out because when you don’t it starts a chain of idiots who do the same thing over and over and over and over and over. Get it? Also deejays and sites love when you send them music personally, especially If you have a personal relationship with them, personally I could care less but some professionals are picky. That means make sure you send them what you want them to hear individually with there email addresses in the “To:” slot, trust me, they do pay attention to that. This is one of those industry secrets that no one speaks of. Your welcome..

Subject: Self explanatory but keep it simple! Get to the point n focus on it!

Email: This is self explanatory if your just sending a regular email to someone, but for deejays, radio, etc.. This is where you wanna pay attention. First off, in the email itself please dont put your life story and a whole bunch of links to a hundred different meaningless websites. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point! If your sending a song, attach one version, preferably the clean version and keep it under 10mb in size cause some people still use clients other then Gmail that can’t except over 10 and they won’t get your song. I wanna add, before doing all this, make sure you have already read my section on properly labeling and tagging an mp3.

Music Link: After attaching the song you want to include a link as to where people can download the other versions of your song (Instrumental, Acapella, etc). Make sure you let them know that the other versions are available in the link, and make sure the link is from a site thats not filled with spam or it will not be bothered with. Use a site like Box, its what labels use. Very professional site with no spam whatsoever and people can listen before they download with many other beneficial features for free. Last but not least, attach a promo picture of the single and send.

Here is an example of how you would want your email to look…


Basic, to the point, with a preview attachment and a promo pic in case some people want to post it on there blogs, etc. Now everybody is happy cause you didn’t cloud it up with B.S. Sometimes simple is better so please remember that when sending your promo emails.