MUSIC101: Applying A Little Common Sense When Promoting

Where do I start with this one? I explained a lot of this in my last few post but now let’s talk about “Promotions” for a minute…

Can you please stop “throwing” your spam filled upload site links at people? I mean, when you hit a professional on twitter for example, why do you think they are going to pay attention to your tweet when it’s just thrown at them? What no, Hey what’s up, How are you, Please give me feedback, Nothing… Just http://hulkshareblahblahblah… Build a relationship, ask them to check it out, say please and thank you. We as professionals dont owe you anything. We do not have to listen to you to or play your music at all. We do what we do for the love of music and to help others, but when you hit us like we ain’t sh!t then we are going to treat you the same way. You get what you give. Thats a part of life and that should be know already. Its common sense.. Be respectful, appreciate peoples time and efforts, treat others like you would want to be treated.

Please make sure to use an upload site that we will actually feel safe clicking. Stop using these sites that are filled with spam and 10 different download buttons that give you nothing but viruses. Please use “Box” already! Or a site that isnt nothing but viruses and spam. We want to be able to click on it, listen to it, and download it if its worthy without having to worry about all that stuff. And by all means make sure it’s labeled properly before you upload it! We do not have time to do your job for you, if you want professional attention then present yourself like a professional!

Also please remember.. Everybody is a “rapper” in todays world, so, understand that we will only pay attention to the ones that separate themselves from the rest, starting with the way we are approached by them. After that, “Musically” it is up to you. We get hit up by tons of artist everyday, so after reading, and applying a little “common sense”, it should answer your question, “Why Would They Pay Attention To Me?”.