Born in the early 80’s, DJ Ykcor was the product of a blue collar working community in Reading, PA where he was one of three siblings. At the age of 16, Ykcor, who was inspired by a handful of radio disc jockeys, made the bold decision to teach himself the art of turntablism with nothing more than the
radio shows he taped to act as his mentors. Imitation began as a struggle to hear and capture the musical output without seeing the finger and hand work that produced the sounds. But Ykcor quickly mastered the basics.

When he was no more than a year into his self-taught curriculum,he saw a DJ for the first time. This turn of events would inspire him to even go in harder, learning more and more advanced techniques until he was ready to establish his presence as a true contender in his region. As he began to find more gigs, and more opportunities emerged, his resume gradually built. Another break came when he joined a mobile DJ company called The Hitmen Mix Squad. Here, he began a regular regimen of parties, weddings, and club stints. Ykcor soon became a club regular, doing every one of them in his area, becoming a local celebrity as he backed up nearly every local artist. Soon, Ykcor was finding opportunity backing up A-list artists who were passing through his area. That list included Fat Joe, Juelz Santana, Dipset and Freeway, just to name a few. Ykcor went on to work at a handful of radio stations including 91.3 FM in Reading, PA, 105.5 FM in Tamaqua, PA, 91.3 FM in Allentown, PA, Soul 104.5 FM in Fayetteville, NC, and 88.7 FM for Duke University Radio.

In 2009, Ykcor released 2 singles via digital distribution through Warner Music Group. “Watch Me Do Dis Hea”, and “Bopper”, quickly became hits in Houston and surrounding areas, where featured track artists Jay Sneed and Skit reside.

A few of Ykcor’s mixtapes have obtained cult status among his followers. His “F%&# Your Mixtape” project with artist Whitefolkz received the 2009 award for best mixtape in the DMV. While his “Vintage Vault” project with Baltimore artist Wordsmith quickly reached one million downloads within a month of release. DJ Ykcor and Tone Trump’s “Good Company” also received a nomination for the 2011 S.E.A. Awards for Screwed Mixtape of the Year. As Ykcor continued his journey into mixtapes, he found himself working with artist such as Fabolous, Asher Roth, Wale and DJ Drama, just to name a few. Within his first year of doing mixtapes for artists, he saw his projects downloaded over four million times.

Media outlets such as, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, C.R.E.D. Magazine, and Coast2Coast Magazine, just to name a few, have all featured DJ Ykcor’s story. Several of Ykcor’s mixtapes were also featured in and reviewed by one of the largest newspaper feeds in the country; The Washington Post.

DJ Ykcor is currently the official DJ for the #1 magazine in the world; The Hype Magazine. Ykcor is also affiliated with The Core DJs and The Fleet DJs, which are arguably the 2 strongest DJ coalitions on the planet, and with whom he will continue to release major mixtape projects and participate in major events for both mainstream and unsigned artists. DJ Ykcor is also currently working as an On Air Mixer/Personality on “My Beat” 94.7 FM in Charlotte, NC. Yokee’s show is also syndicated on multiple stations throughout numerous cities in the US, as well as multiple country’s worldwide.



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