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5 Tips To Pack Light For The Weekend Getaway

Ever wondered why women are stereotyped to carry three suit cases for a three day vacation? Maybe because it’s completely true. We do not like to miss out on any matching accessories and god forbid, if the shoes don’t match with our outfit of the day, that’s our own personal horror story. So instead of carrying one or two pieces of jewellery, we end up carrying the whole box.

This post here is to help us women pack light for that small weekend getaway with our loved ones:

  1. Plan out your outfits for each day

Most of us don’t want to go through the pain of selecting the outfits according the weather or the kind of vacation we plan. It’s all too much thinking and so we put in all our favourite dresses and shirts because, you never know, we MIGHT need them. Well, ladies, here’s the thing, you do not require all those dresses and shirts for your weekend. Choose.

  1. Find the right shoes

So your vacation is about a trekking trip with your buddies and you packed those heels for the bonfire night. WHY? You don’t need those heels on your entire trip. Trekking means walking and all you need are those sport shoes that won’t hurt your feet. You will not, hear me, you will not need those heels at any time of the day!

  1. Choose your accessories wisely

Oh you’re going for a weekend packed with parties and night outs? Of course you’d need those accessories with your outfit; but you really, needn’t keep all your bracelets, earrings & watches to match with the dresses. Go for a neutral one that matches with all the outfits. Maybe the gold one or that silver one that you just adore.

  1. Use the smaller suitcase

Yes, the smaller suitcase. It’s a legitimate thing. The more empty space you have, more unnecessary things you will pull out of your wardrobe to carry. Lesser space will urge you to carry just the essentials.

  1. Pack your toiletries right

Most of the hotels around the world give you bathroom essentials like toothpaste, tooth brush, shampoo and conditioner. It’s wise to skip the huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner which will save you lots of space. If you do want to carry your own, transfer them in small bottles and pack them all in a zip lock together to avoid spillage.

Here you have it ladies, your own secret mantra to traveling better, lighter and freer! But don’t forget to carry your camera’s to capture the beautiful moments you will share on this trip. Trust me, when you don’t have truckloads of bags to take care of, the vacation can be more enjoyable.