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7 Reasons to Travel Alone At Least Once!

Looking at those streets will make you nostalgic when it suddenly falls on you that the lanes you are adoring, have been a constant companion in someone else life. That’s the beauty of traveling. You are not a sightseer or a weekender. Traveling, in true sense, is time for reflection and observation apart from learning about a place. The adrenaline rush you feel when you are all by yourself. It’s all about losing your way and becoming a stranger!

If you are not content with the idea of traveling alone, here are reasons why you should try it out at least once:

1. The Alone Time

Sometimes, you need a break from all the crap you are going through. Traversing alone bestows you with some precious time that you can shower delightfully on yourself. Sounds cheesy, doesn’t it? Travelling is all about seeing with a new perspective, not only the land you are rambling through but your very own self.

2. Carefree Mindset

We all hate the idea of deferring our scheduled travel plans. Well, that won’t be a problem if you were to travel alone. You won’t have to compromise your wanderlust just because your travel buddy wants something else. It will not be about pleasing people. It will just be about you and what YOU desire 😉

3. The Beauty in Everything

When was the last time you stopped to adore a beautiful flower? Or to admire the impeccable smile of an infant? Life is moving so fast that we forget to cherish the moments we are living in. Rambling alone would give you the pleasure to capture the ordinary yet beautiful moments.

4. Get to Know Yourself Better

In between the hustle of your busy lifestyle, you forget who you really are. Who knows what this trip might have in store for you. Travel always brings out the writer or the poet side of a person. The solitary time spent in exploring a place gives you the time to reflect on yourself as well. Maybe this trip is everything you need to arouse the self you have always wanted to be.

5. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

What have you done to prick the bubble you are living in? How long can you go on holding on to someone else? You need to stop being such a dependent self, you are right now. Always wanted to go bungee jumping or rock climbing? But none of your friends would accompany you? Well, head out all by yourself. Be brave. Stop procrastinating or it will be too late to try.

6. A Sense of Accomplishment

Not many people are self sufficient. Everything you do alone, blesses you with wisdom, not everyone attains. You try, you fall, you learn! You imbibe some realities of life, traveling solitary. You stand out from the crowd that is inhibited with the monotonous lifestyle. It gives you a sense of pride indeed.

7. Your Own Story

Someone has rightly said “ You can never be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy” . You definitely won’t be able to come up with a story, if all you did in your life was resting in a comfort bubble. Well get moving. Find a place no one even heard of. Explore it. Don’t live with someone else’s experiences. Create your own. Gift yourself a story 😉

Did you ever give a thought to traveling alone? If not, well, maybe you are not acquainted with the curiosity that a solitary travel experience can arouse within you. Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it!