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Category: Food


Amazing benefits of eating watermelon seeds 

Summers are around the corner and it’s time to indulge in some amazing seasonal fruits like watermelon, litchis, and mangoes. Well, one of the most loved summer fruit is water melon. In fact, this squashy juicy fruit needs no introduction and is widely available in the…


10 benefits of using Apple cider vinegar 

Have you ever wondered of something miraculous that can improve your boost your metabolism effortlessly. Well, if you haven’t then you are just at the right place! Apple cider vinegar has became a familiar name among the millennials as it has created a lot of buzz around…


How To Melt Smooth, Silky Chocolate Without A Double Boiler 

Enrobed truffles. Ganache coated cookies. Chocolate drizzled pastries. Yes indeed, melted chocolate has the magical power of making dessert even more delicious. If you’re melting chocolate, there’s a good chance that your recipe will suggest a double boiler. This two-part pot is comprised of two…


Noodle Kugel: The Sweet & Creamy Casserole 

If someone asks you to make the kugel this year, remember to ask for clarification! This traditional Jewish dish can be more than a little tricky to define. The term “kugel” is actually assigned to a number of different casseroles, which can be noodle or…


Your 3 Favourite Comfort Foods in Stuffed Baked Potato Form 

Craving comfort food, but not sure what to make? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We took some of your favourite go to’s and wrapped them in a warm, fluffy potato blanket. So skip the drive-thru and make our cheeseburger-stuffed potatoes. Or if you’re looking…


10 Cold Soup Recipes 

Give your taste buds a whole new experience with these delicious cold soup recipes. Find out how avocado, cucumber and squash can make a delicious dish, best served cold. Avocado Soup This southwestern soup combines avocado with Mexican spices and a French veloute, or white sauce made…


How to Make Frozen Serving Bowls 

Keep your sorbet frosty and your guests impressed with this ice-cool summer trend. Ice bowls with flowers, berries or herbs frozen into their sides will keep your ice cream or sorbet nicely chilled on a hot summer day. You can play with colour pairings-a lavender…


3 Tips for a Tastier Steak 

Think you know what makes a great tasting steak? Improve your cut this grilling season with these simple tips. Think you know what makes a great tasting steak? Improve your cut this grilling season with these simple tips. Several factors contribute to improving the tastiness…


4 Easy Sandwich Recipes 

Looking for a delicious lunch to pack for work? Try one of these super delicious recipes for starters! 1. Brie, Tomato & Prosciutto Panini with Fruit Salad With a delicious French cheese and some Italian prosciutto, you’ll have a tasty European, bistro-style lunch in no…