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Category: Photography


Useful Tips for a Great Photowalk 

Photowalk or photowalking is one of the most popular activities that photographers love doing. Aside from being fun, a photowalk presents interesting opportunities for creating stories with pictures. What is a Photowalk? People who want to discover places of interest go on a tour; photographers…


8 Tips to Help You Master the On-Camera Flash 

Some photographers choose to use their on-camera flash rather than buy light modification attachments. For others, this may sound a bit limiting or maybe even difficult because your camera’s flash is something quite simple, compared to the highly advanced flash attachments, at least. Making the…


Blue Hour Photography Demystified 

Even if you’ve been around photography for quite some time, you may never have heard of blue hour photography. Sure, you likely have heard of the term “golden hours” before – the time just prior to sunset or right after sunrise – but what is…


Up Close with Macro Photography 

Macro photography is the art of learning to look closer – much closer. With a focus on color, details and patterns, macro photography can yield some amazing and rewarding results. One of the great things about macro photography is the new perspective that it will give you….


The best photography gallery in NYC 

Howard Greenberg Gallery Howard Greenberg Gallery is one, if not my most, favorite gallery in NYC. The gallery is specialized in photography, and most of the exhibit I saw here are of street photography.  Their core is on history of modern and contemporary photography spanning…