Do you at any point simply become ill of your dividers? I have the desire to refresh my stylistic theme practically day by day, so I at long last pulled out all the stops this week and made another bit of craftsmanship to supplant a piece in my exhibition divider. This straightforward 80s divider workmanship is made with simply paper and washi tape! It’s sincerely as straightforward as divider craftsmanship gets. As you may have seen from my past posts, I love dynamic 80s examples (or 90s patters/Memphis plan… anything you desire to call it) that help me to remember things like Saved by the Bell. Squished between two bits of glass in a skimming outline, this 80s divider craftsmanship seems to drift on your dividers, assuming the foundation of any place you show it. I love the vibe of these examples standing apart on any surface, giving them a nearly 3D appearance!

Searching for a moderate DIY divider workmanship arrangement? This retro-style painting is ideal for present day spaces that fuse a touch of the past. Kate here, and this end of the week I made the canvas above after one of my 1980s prints tumbled from the divider (the glass of the edge was broken). The plan for the venture was enlivened by ’70s and ’80s geometric themes. Peruse on for subtleties on the best way to make your own DIY painting with retro energy

You can make another bit of divider workmanship in less than 10 minutes with any paper you have in the house! Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to reproduce this look with matrix examples and stripes (more fascinating than solids alone), you’ll need dainty washi tape or designed paper. I love the intense articulation the examples make nearby brilliant hued triangles, circles, squares and squiggles. Together, I feel shipped to the 80s/90s.


White cardstock

Shaded cardstock

Slender dark washi tape

Coasting outline


Twofold sided tape


To cause the examples, to mastermind washi tape on the white cardstock in stripes and frameworks. You won’t require an entire piece of paper.

Cut shapes out of the washi taped cardstock and the strong hued cardstock. Cut a blend of shapes in marginally various sizes for covering.

Expel the rear of the casing and the back bit of glass. Put in a safe spot. Organize the shapes face-down onto the glass, covering designs. Remember you are working topsy turvy, so covering pieces ought to go down first.

When happy with your example, follow bits of twofold sided tape to the backs of the shapes. Without it, the paper will slip once turned upstanding.

Supplant the glass and sponsorship, squeezing gently so the tape holds fast to the back bit of glass.

Presently it’s prepared to hang or show!

Incline toward a rack or drape it in your display divider to include a fly of theoretical examples and splendid hues to any space. I wouldn’t see any problems with filling a whole divider with 80s divider craftsmanship in an assortment of examples!

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