Its a well known fact I love a decent 90s return, so I’m bringing back another! Sand craftsmanship was one of my preferred specialty extends as a child, and I’ve seen the sand workmanship packs I once utilized are making a rebound, so I chose to utilize one for another reason and made a beautiful arrangement of sand craftsmanship candles. They help me to remember the containers of sand workmanship I used to make, yet these basic candles are certainly increasingly valuable around the house. It’s interesting how everything makes a rebound, and it’s pleasant to see things that I adored as a child are famous once more. Perhaps we’re coming up short on thoughts? All I know is I’m here for it! How about we make everything look like sand craftsmanship!

Did you ever go to day camp? I recall my preferred piece of day camp was adapting new specialties. Indeed, even as a youngster I adored making and one of my preferred specialty ventures was sand workmanship, with every one of the layers of hues and creative mind that went into my activities.

Today, sand workmanship is as yet a most loved among numerous crafters and today you will figure out how to make DIY Sand Art Gel Candles! They are excessively simple to make and require just a couple of materials to make some stunning candles you will be pleased to show. This is another thing that makes extraordinary blessings throughout the entire year!

Get any sand workmanship unit (I utilized this one) to make a uniquely set of sand craftsmanship candles to show or consume. I know a few people simply like the look, yet I consume the vast majority of my candles!

I do suggest Mod Podge for this task since I realize that it is sheltered to utilize. It’s not combustible, so it’s sheltered to use on candles. On the off chance that utilizing another kind of paste, make a point to check this first on the off chance that you plan on consuming the candles. Obviously, after some time, you will consume with extreme heat the sand around the outside. For the present, appreciate the fly of shading and surface it adds to your racks or tables. Blend and match an assortment of hues for totally extraordinary sand craftsmanship!


White column candles

Sand workmanship unit

Mod Podge



Spread your work surface with material or papers to get abundance sand.

Apply a slim layer of Mod Podge to the base segment of a flame, around 1/2 inch or more, contingent upon light stature. It shouldn’t be a straight line.

Pour a limited quantity of sand along the stuck region. Utilize your fingers to convey varying and tap off abundance sand onto the paper.

Rehash stages 2 and 3 in layers, changing hues and substituting layer thicknesses, until the sand is around 1/2 far up the flame.

Let the paste underneath the sand dry. At that point apply a layer of Mod Podge on top to seal the sand. Let dry totally.

Presently, your candles are prepared to show or consume! They make extraordinary presents for every one of the 90s children throughout your life!

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