Hand Print Flamingo Card Craft Ideas.

Children and guardians the same love imprint expressions and specialties for kids. They’re an adorable method to save those little hands for a lifetime!

With summer here, we’ve been thinking up another impression make that is adorable, summery and enjoyable to make.

This imprint flamingo card make is the appropriate response. It’s an enjoyment and straightforward approach to expel summer weariness and makes a sweet present for anybody with a late spring birthday!

On the off chance that you’ve visited our site frequently or tail us on Facebook you realize we love imprint makes. We was unable to oppose an enjoyment summer impression make that is brilliant and sprightly! This pink flamingo impression create is flawless to make for a stormy day. We love the way bright it is and the additional specialty subtleties of the plumes and funnel cleaners breath life into it!

Imprint Paper Craft For Kids

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Hued card stock (in pink and yellow)


Paste stick


Printable flamingo format


The flamingo format and print out on the pink and yellow paper. The primary page of the layout has the entirety of the flamingo heads on it and the subsequent page has the bills. Cut out the quantity of flamingo necks and noses you need.

Overlap a bit of pink card stock into equal parts and follow your correct kid’s hand, with the thumb along the overlay line. Cut out the imprint, leaving the collapsed edge in respect.

Paste the yellow bill to the front of the flamingo’s head, just before the eye.

Position your youngster’s impression with the thumb confronting the top and the fingers on the right. Secure the flamingo’s neck to the imprint by sticking the neck to the rear of the impression, beside the thumb.

Make the flamingo’s legs by removing two segments of paper from the pink card stock. The strips ought to be about 6″ long by .4″ wide. Paste one leg as is on the rear of the impression card. Cut the other strip down the middle and paste back together at a point (barely short of 90 degrees). Paste the twisted leg before the straight leg.

Open the card up and compose an extraordinary message.

That is all you have to do to make your own summery flamingo card!

Adjusting This Craft For Kindergarten Classrooms

Contingent upon the ability level of your classmates, there are a couple of approaches to cause this enjoyment create much simpler for children to do individually.

In the event that you need to make this specialty as straightforward as could reasonably be expected, make a point to remove all the flamingo necks, noses, and leg pieces early. Along these lines the understudies should simply stick the pieces to their imprint card.

I would likewise propose having the pink card stock prefolded and all set for following impressions.

On the off chance that you simply need to make this action a specialty and not a card, you can avoid the collapsing and follow the youngster’s impression onto a solitary piece of paper.

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