Ljubljana Travel Guide Top Things to do and see.

City Vacation to Ljubljana: What to Expect

The picturesque, almost car-free old town of Ljubljana is very easy to get around and quickly explored on foot. The river “Ljubljanica” weaves through the city and we just love seeing water in the city – it just gives the centre a completely different vibe. Many cafes and restaurants in Ljubljana are located by the river. Had it been warmer during our visit, we would never have left this part of the city.

Ljubljana is a university town, which gave us the impression that the city was quite young. Compared to our last short stopover a few years ago, we noticed the emergence of more and more young, hip cafes. We also found it refreshingly pleasant not to be bombarded with big brands and international fashion chains in the Old Town. The many small and local individual shops here just have so much more charm.

As we walked through the narrow streets, we wondered how we could best describe Ljubljana. It was pretty evident that Ljubljana is a bit like the “Salzburg of the East” with a touch of Italian flair. With the castle and its narrow streets, Ljubljana reminds us much of the Old Town in Salzburg – but much less touristic of course and not so “spruced up”.

How much time should I plan for Ljubljana?

Before our trip, we had read quite a few comments about how tiny Ljubljana actually was and that one could easily visit the highlights in one day. After our stay we can confirm that Ljubljana is indeed very small and easy to get around. With just a one night stay, you can derive a rather nice impression of the town.

Of course two nights is even better. It allows you to enjoy the city flair a little longer and take a few more coffee breaks in between.

The best travel time for Ljubljana

Of course you can visit Ljubljana all year round. If you really want to enjoy the picturesque flair of the city centre, then we would recommend a visit in the spring. At this time of the year, the trees start to blossom, but it is not as hot as in peak summer season.

We ourselves visited Ljubljana at the end of March. At this time of year, it can usually be quite warm already if you are lucky. But, unfortunately luck was not with us. In fact, nothing had begun to blossom yet during our visit. We asked a local who confirmed to us that May is apparently the best month to visit Ljubljana.

The most beautiful Sights in Ljubljana

Ljubljana’s main attractions are perfect for exploring the city on foot. Since most attractions are very close together, the walking distances are not far. The city centre is almost traffic-free, which of course is wonderful. We can also imagine it to be super nice discovering Ljubljana by bike.

A visit to the Central Market Square would be ideally combined with an ascent to the castle (provided you visit during the day and are not on the Castle hill in the evening). Locals visit this outdoor market for fruit, vegetables, cheese, etc. The market stalls are open every day except Sundays and public holidays.

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