Outdated Beauty Trends That Are Suddenly Cool Again

by Peter Pan

Trends and It products come and go—we know this. It’s part of the gospel truth pertaining to the world of fashion and beauty. But when certain cool-girl products and trends from our elementary and high school days become suddenly cool again, we can’t help but brim with excitement. The cozy feelings of nostalgia are a force to be reckoned with, and when hair accessories we glorified thanks to the Spice Girls and jars of spacey body glitter we hoarded from Claire’s become not only acceptable but encouraged, we’re the first to pounce. We’re very much embracing the trending onslaught of products previously dubbed outdated, and right now, there are a lot of them.

From nail and hair trends to makeup and skincare product musts, there has been a resurgence in outdated beauty trends. In fact, brown lipstick and butterfly-bedecked strands are practically taking over our Instagram feeds and, by association, our shopping carts. To celebrate (and because we’re secretly hoping they never fall back out of vogue), we’re highlighting all the must-try viral beauty trends we previously considered outdated. Keep scrolling!  


Trend #1 Crimped Hair

Sure, the crimped-hair trend has taken on more of a beachy (versus small and compact) identity in 2019, but the resurgence of crisp mermaid bends and S-wave hot tools is impossible to ignore. 

Trend #2 Butterfly Clips

We don’t have to remind you of how important your collection of glitter-crusted rainbow butterfly clips was back on the playground in fifth grade. But we are here to remind you that a more subdued take on the outdated trend is currently blowing up on IG in the prettiest and most whimsical of ways.

Hairstylist Justine Marjan created this mesmerising look using paper butterflies she found at the craft store (before attaching them to clear string and pinning into the hair), but there are also tons of cute clip-in options available right now as well if you’re not feeling super crafty. 

Trend #3 Padded Headbands

Remember how happy you used to be when your headband gained you an extra few inches on your elementary class’s height scale? Same. However, we’re more here for the trend in regard to how fun and playful it makes any outfit.

Trend #4 Temporary Hair Colour

To be honest, we didn’t see the pastel and rainbow hair colour trend lasting more than a few months or a year tops. Alas, we’re still seeing so many of our favourite influences and celebrities trying out different shades on their strands—even if it’s just temporary. The below is the exact formula behind Zendaya’s recent red streak, and the brand also has other playful tones, from teal to rose gold to magenta to green.

Trend #5 Fake Ponytails

Remember the fake hairpieces you’d buy complete with tinsel, tiny braids, rhinestones, and maybe even a streak of blue for good measure? Well, they might not be quite so ornate, but statement-making faux ponytails have had a major comeback and are actually a two-minute solve for a bad hair night pre–going out. 

Trend #6 Scrunchies—The More Bling, The Better

Another hair trend that’s had surprisingly long legs? Scrunchies. In fact, the fervour only seems to deepen as more and more brands are getting on board and debuting the prettiest looks. We’re collecting them faster than we collected Pokémon cards on the kickball field, especially since the trend has graduated from ho-hum silk to velvet, crystal, sherpa, and more. Lizzo, we love you.

Trend #7 Stardust for Your Hair

Sure, chunky glitter was all the rage a few years ago during Coachella (still a little scarred, TBH), but right now, the glittery hair trend is more about bold tinsel looks (like this amazing moment from Kacey Musgraves) and sheer mists of fine glitter all over. We’re obsessed with trying something like Musgraves’s look for Halloween, but for your basic night out, we suggest one of these hydrating shimmer sprays for a barely there glimmer that’s still stunning and perfectly on trend. This one from IGK is still my fav.  

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